With Denny on vocals, Ben on lead guitar, Liam on bass and Mikey hitting the drums, Peach Fur have masterminded a 4 piece collective. Mixing the delectable flavour’s of rock ‘n’ roll brewed with a funky fusion of reggae & psych surf vibes, these Gold Coast guys are on the up and up. Peach Fur have had their hands full smashing the circuit, playing festivals such as Shakafest, The Gold Coast Show, Quicksilver Pro and Scorcher Fest as well as regularly playing venues such as Elsewhere, Miami Shark Bar, NightQuarter, The Milk Factory, New Globe Theatre, Ric’s Bar plus many more.

The guys have had attraction from Triple J, Hot Tomato, 94.1fm, Bayfm, Scenestr,
BlankGC, Happpy and the list keeps on rolling. Their fan base is growing by the day and with the release of their freshest single in December ‘Rough as Guts’ they are blowing up, but that’s not all. They have been working hard in their shack to bring you more epic tunes that will be released late 2017 on their freshest Ep.


This past year has been massive for this GC band and the foreseeable future is shaping up to be an even larger one for these young GC legends, they will be touring the east coast for the release of their EP with mates ‘Stingin Rogers’ towards the end of 2017. 

With Peach Fur’s funky dance moves; insane beats and unbelievable stage presence. Peach Fur will be a name that will be remembered!

Download EPK here for full details: peach-fur-epk

Trapdoor |

Blasting out of the Gold Coast Trapdoor is hitting the music scene hard with their heavy rock riffs, dominant vocals, lively solid beats and grungy blues tunes. Their innovative sound resonates from each band member’s experiences and influences, reflecting a darker theme and classical sound.

Tim’s rustic vocals are pushing these rock royalties up the scale of the Gold Coast music scene. ‘The dual guitars from James Barnes and Talis Letts are chunkier than a porridge vomit; a proper, stadium-filling noise with enough attitude to corrode heavy metal.’ (Happy Mag.) The innovative blend of guitars, drums, bass and vocals guarantee Trapdoor’s rising success, they are a band to keep an eye and ear on.

With the success of their Debut EP ‘BISON’ Tour they have decided to hit the studio again to work on their next single ‘Show Me Your Love’ which will be released mid 2017. 

These five legends have grunge, rock riffs pumping through their veins making their live performance an indescribable experience.

Trapdoor are for the young and old, the rowdy and restless, the loud and proud and for every mo-fo who are looking to get loose on a night out. They are in for a whopper of a year.

Get ready guys and gals, they’re-a-comin’ for ya!

LIGHTS OF BERLIN are a Perth based four piece fronted by YouTube sensation Devon Bayer. Devon intrigued music fans with his acapella covers generating tens of thousands of views and continues to gain notoriety through his voice. Guitarist Campbell Ellis, has a distinguished solo career and is a student of composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, also a WAAPA student and just 17 years old Ben Cremer joined the band in early 2014 on
drums adding to the rich stadium type sound. Completing the line up is bass player and local producer Michael Hilliard, Michael has played in a number of well know Perth bands and is best known for his raw energy on stage. 

Less than a year into being a band LIGHTS OF BERLIN enlisted Singaporean producer Roland Lim (Birds of Tokyo, Make Them Suffer) to join them for their debut EP recording along with renowned VideographerJason Eshraghian (Saviour, Buried in Verona, Make Them Suffer). The lead single is the anthemic “Chosen Ones”, which received widespread airplay and online support. . Roland recently flew over to once again work with the band on their upcoming new single yet to be announced. The live show is equally as ambitious as the initial recordings for LIGHTS OF BERLIN – No shoe-gazing here, the band keep the stadium rock tradition alive! LIGHTS OF BERLIN take their role as entertainers incredibly seriously and are unafraid of some good old fashioned rock n roll excess. 

The bands debut EP titled BRAND NEW DAY was released in October 2013 and received widespread praise, winning awards, commendations and being named one of best new releases of 2013 to come out of Australia. The EP took off like a rocket and propelled the band into new territory not only in Perth, but all around the world. 

Lights of Berlin now turns their attention to touring and bringing their live show around the world to a town near you.

LOB horiz high def